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Confirm Driving Vacancies (Apply Now)

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Mix Driving Vacancies (confirm Jobs)

Job No #1: (CDL Delivery Driver)

A Private Company in Dubai is Looking for CDL DELIVERY DRIVER having Indian Nationality and manual driving UAE license.

Salary : 2200 AED

Company Email for CV: hiring.btl@gmail.com

Company Contact: 04-2346445


Job No #2: (Light Vehicle Driver)

We Fixoriadubai is looking for a Light Vehicle Driver with his own visa.
Candidate with location knowledge will be preferred.

Salary : 2200 AED + Accommodation

Company Email for CV: info@fixoriadubai.com

Company Contact: 05-8054057


Job No #3: (Light Vehicle Driver for 4* Hotel in Sharjah )

AL NOBALA a 4 Star Hotel Chain is located in Sharjah is currently hiring Light Vehicle Driver with UAE Driving License and Experience.

Visit Visa Applicants are Welcome. (Nepal and Indian Nationals are preferred)

Salary : 1700 AED + Accommodation + Food + Tip

Company Email for CV: Imran@alnobalauae.com

Company Contact: 055-4466016 (Only Whats-app, No calls Please)


Job No #4: (Bus Driver)

A company named Montreux is Looking for Heavy Bus Drivers for UAE with Valid UAE Driving License.

Must have valid UAE Driving License for Heavy Bus Driver.
Must have 3- 5 years experience in driving bus within Dubai and Sharjah.
Preferably Indian Nationality.
Handling cash & receipts for purchasing materials.
Ensure timely delivery and collection of products and materials from the factory/warehouse to various application sites.

Salary : 3000 – 4000 AED

Company Email for CV: montreux-myra@outlook.com

Company Contact: Not Available


Job No #5: (Driver)

A Free Zone Company named Gulf World Wide Distribution FZE is looking to hire a Pickup and Delivery Driver with UAE Experience.

Minimum  2 Years of Experience is Required for this Position, Indians will be preferred for this Vacancy.

Salary : 2200 2500 AED + Accommodation + Transportation + Overtime

Company Email for CV: vacancy@gulfworldwide.net

Company Contact: Not Available

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  1. Hi sir m indian m waiting for visa last 5 th months Pls check my visa status my passport no G4350358 date of birth 30-04-1983 my mail I'd ps.pasha@gmail.com

  2. Hi sir m indian m waiting for visa last 5 th months Pls check my visa status my passport no G4350358 date of birth 30-04-1983 my mail I'd ps.pasha@gmail.com

  3. Hi am Nijil my visa expired on 11/01/2017 when I check visa status it. Shows unable to process your request with details provided but all details are correct why it is showing nijilcg@gmail.com

  4. Hello sir this is abrar and i want to know about visit visa status here is my passport number BZ1119212
    Email: abraropal@gmail.com

  5. Ibrar ahsan

  6. Sir/mam .I have been told by my boss In uae ajman that my visa has been approved .but I want to be sure because am on exit in Nigeria .my details name duru Chibuzor Charles. Passport number A50160257 .national Nigeria

  7. Here is my mail box imochibuzor@gmail.com

  8. Hi
    sir madam its me Chaudhary Muhammad Rizwan i just want to know i request to my company change my profession.I received a agrement from the Ministry of Labour.But it is still not caged stamp on my passport.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Mail id:prithiraj817@gmail.com

  12. Mail id:prithiraj817@gmail.com

  13. Want to know visa status

    NAME = Mohammed Abdul Mujaheed khan
    Passport number = P8070290
    Date of birth =02 April 1988

  14. Want to check visa status

    My details are below

    Passport number = P8070290
    Date of birth =02 April 1988
    Nationality = India

  15. Want to check visa status

    My details are below

    Passport number = P8070290
    Date of birth =02 April 1988
    Nationality = India

  16. Nationality - Indian
    Date of birth - 26/02/1992
    Passport number - p2293991
    Company has applied and the status shows approved !! Can you tell me when I can go to Kerala to collect it ???
    The status ??

  17. Hii good morning sir. My name is sumesh I have 5 years Experience in my previous company Dubai. But I come emergency and 8 months stay in India. But my company said visa already cancelled. But I want to know can I apply employment visa in uae my passport number is J2538119

  18. Plz check my visa status my passport no is P6018038

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